GAMENIGHT is a multiplayer games web app and platform designed to allow friends to easily set up and play board and card games with each other. I developed GAMENIGHT as a platform for creating real-time board and card games on the web.

Why was GAMENIGHT created?

The idea for GAMENIGHT was created one evening after my friends and I failed to find a way to play Monopoly or Risk without installing Flash and getting a slow, ugly interface or choosing one app that might not be free or available on all app stores. Creating a place where we could always go for that sense of nostalgia seemed like a great concept.

Where is GAMENIGHT available?

Currently, I'm focusing on the web as a platform because it's available to everyone, and that's a really important part of GAMENIGHT. You can add the site to your homescreen on Chrome for Android for an app-like experience but I do plan to create official iOS and Android apps in the future. 📱

What games are there?

For the full list of games, check out the games page.

We're always adding new games, please let us know your ideas via

How do I invite or find my friends?

If you're connected with a social login, visit the friends page and you'll get suggestions to search for existing friends. Otherwise, you can ask them for their username or search for username from the friends page.

Who can see me online?

Only your friends and players in your rooms can see whether you are online. 🕵️

How do I block players?

You can either click on their name in the room sidebar or go to their profile, and choose "Block".